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Below are white papers created by Cornerstone Solutions staff. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your objectives, provide feedback, or simply ask questions. Be sure to check our Cornerstone Solutions YouTube channel for informative videos created by the Cornerstone Solutions team.

New NIST Password Guidelines Not What You Think


In 2017 NIST published new guidelines for Passwords, but have they been implemented? Largely, No. Some users have opted to implement only the ones they like. Clear up the confusion and see why these guidelines may not be what you were waiting for after all.

Top 5 Security Questions Every Company Should Ask (and Answer)


Do you know if you’re doing the right things to secure your data? Are you having trouble getting started? This publication will give you a tried and true path forward to build a solid security foundation.

Power BI


Make your own custom dashboards in a flash, pulling data from multiple systems at a time. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft’s latest tool: Power BI

informXL: Start Using Data as a Tool


Is technology making us any smarter? Are we using it to drive our business behavior? More than that, have we tapped into the concept of “disruptive data” where we are driving our customer’s behavior and buying habits?

Streamlining Your Organization's IT Policies and Procedures is Long Overdue


This article was first published on the ISC2 website at in their InfoSecurity Professional magazine, Jan/Feb 2017 issue.

Workflows – Is Your Tongue on the Frozen Flagpole?


Make your own custom dashboards in a flash, pulling data from multiple systems at a time. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft’s latest tool: Power BI

RealPage – Portfolio Asset Management System


RealPage recently invited us to Dallas to learn more about their Portfolio Asset Management (PAM) system. Find out what we learned and whether you should make the investment.

Keystone Exchange


Keystone Exchange has the potential to redefine bidding and purchasing for the entire homebuilding industry. Trades and suppliers are integrated through a Universal Data Exchange (UDE) which is a single central platform for the hosting of all trade and supplier pricing data. Keystone Exchange will change the industry for the better while rapidly improving builders’ margins.

Newstar Elevations versus Elevations as Options


If your company is considering creating Elevations as Options in Newstar, this white paper will help you assess the impact to Sales Agents and other areas within Newstar.

Primary Business Management Software - Considerations for the Small to Mid-Sized Residential Builder


One of the most critical and challenging decisions a small to mid-sized business can make is what software solution(s) to implement as their primary business management software. Making the right selection can be made easier if you know what to consider and where to go for assistance.

Margin Analysis


Understanding your margins – this is an area where most companies are letting important information fall through the cracks, causing costly assessments and updates after the fact, with some information being lost forever.

LandDev and NewStar’s General Costing


Both LandDev and GC are designed to support land development activities—from initial acquisition through development lifecycle and finally to selling finished lots.

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