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Cornerstone Customer Industries

Focusing our skills on specific industries is one of the many things that sets HMS Cornerstone Solutions above the competition. This focus means we better understand your areas of concern, whether they are general business or market specific. Save time and money by hiring a team that knows your needs and how to address them.

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Property Management


Land Development

Home Building

Asset Management

Property Management

Property Management

For more than three decades the Cornerstone team has worked with property management companies. We have supported their efforts to abstract leases and get pertinent data into their back office systems for tracking and monitoring leases and for issuing statements with monthly and one-time charges. As the industry and software have matured, we have worked diligently with property managers to automate their sophisticated CAM and percentage rent calculations. Companies successfully implementing these programs have been able to redeploy their team members to work on waterfall calculations and preferred returns, which tend to be a struggle for most accountants.

We have had the pleasure to work with all of the leading software products—Yardi, MRI, RealPage, JDEdwards, Timberline–and have experience with several great point software solutions supporting the industry, such as AvidXchange and Building Engines. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Lease abstracting and data migration; we have a team to abstract leases and load the lease data into back-office systems.

  • Streamlining and automating back-office functionality by implementing the more sophisticated functionality related to CAM calculations.

  • Performing CAM audits, which are a growing concern for public and private property managers and their tenants.

  • Tracking and monitoring lease clauses related to first rights of refusal and exclusion clauses.



Cornerstone Solutions knows the importance of lean operations in today’s competitive manufacturing world.  Whether you’re producing tricycles or transmissions, living in a discrete or process world, our production and supply chain management experts can give you the leverage you need to succeed.  Avoid time lost to junior consultants with little to no industry knowledge, let Cornerstone Solutions help you focus on what is important – delivering to your customers on time, while continuously improving your bottom line.

Whether you’re a Mom and Pop or a global organization, Cornerstone Solutions takes pride in making your company a greater success.  We concentrate on areas most critical to the manufacturing environment, such as:

  • Business Process Reviews – It’s important to have efficient, quality processes throughout your organization, not just on the production line.

  • Problem Solving implementation, such as 8D – learning from your past to create a better future.

  • ERP & CRM software selection and implementation – helping you create the foundation you need to create your supply and meet your demand.

  • Systems Integration – assisting your customers and staff in having a better, more effective experience.

  • Training – because the tools are only effective as the people behind them.

Land Development

Land Development

Founding partner Kathy Mortensen began her career in commercial construction and then moved on to Land Development. Kathy fully supports the ideology that Land Development is not just an off-shoot of homebuilding, it is where communities begin. The processes supporting land acquisition and land development are unique with large projects often spanning not months but years. Contracts and negotiations, along with related bonds, utility agreements, etc. are broad and yet need detailed tracking.

In past years these were tracked in Excel and mountains of paper files; developers now recognize that this industry requires agility and real-time information to manage and succeed. Among the services Cornerstone provides to support current Land Development requirements are:

  • Selecting and implementing back office systems to support Land Development and Acquisition unique processes.

  • Setting up systems and support processes to maximize utilization of existing investments.

  • Managing long term recapture and development agreements.

  • Building processes to coordinate the transitions from Land Acquisition to Land Development and finally to Homebuilding or Commercial Development.

Home Building

Home Building

Whether we are talking about multi-family, single family or high rise, the entire Cornerstone team represents decades of Homebuilding experience. We know this industry and execute best practices from the first shovel at the ground breaking to the last warranty work item. Our team is well versed in all areas of Homebuilding including accounting, purchasing/estimating, construction, sales and warranty.

And, of course, our clients throughout the US and Canada count on Cornerstone’s technical expertise to support them across the board. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Selection and implementation of back office and field systems to streamline your business. Because we begin with learning how your business works, we are the best in the business. We know how to make technology work for the real world.

  • Optimization of existing software systems. We can save you money by focusing on full utilization of solutions you already have installed.

  • Online support desk. If you don’t have the luxury of large IT team support, our team can quickly respond with answers that fit both your software and your processes.

  • Business intelligence, dashboards and event triggered reports: information you need to be proactive to your business needs and the market. Cornerstone developers know the most efficient tools to create custom reports tailored to your needs. They will put your system to work for you!

  • Remote web training and on-site training. With multiple locations spanning time zones we can train your people on your software and processes at your convenience. Our team has written many client specific training manuals that include not only screenshots but the company’s own processes. These comprehensive documents include the requirements for all users as well as potential obstacles to keep everyone on point.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Cornerstone personnel have a long history of working with the largest public and private equity firms in the United States. We have assisted these clients with the implementation of specific applications developed by their property management software vendors to support a more robust general ledger tracking of investments and investors, as well as the calculation of waterfall and preferred returns.

Additionally, we have worked with specialty products, such as AssetEye, which easily integrate with the leading software systems. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Selecting and implementing asset management systems that integrate with back-office systems.

  • Working with clients to set up and test their waterfall calculations.

  • Documenting processes for property managers to follow in order to upload their data into appropriate applications.

  • Developing training programs for on-boarding property managers to the systems.
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