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Cornerstone Services

Software, the underlying technology, and business processes should work together to achieve your company’s desired results. When these elements change, productivity and efficiency can also change in ways that companies did not intend. Cornerstone has the capability to assess your environment and to implement, integrate, and optimize software and processes, delivering the real-time information you need to make sound business decisions.


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Business Process Review

Often, our internal business processes are a result of the strongest player in a department or organization defining how things will be done. It becomes more of an evolution than an intentional process. The result may look like one semi-smooth department, but a one dimensional point of view doesn’t consider the overall organization. Typically the reality is that the organization is riddled with duplicate work and multiple points of checks and balances.

Business Intelligence

What if you could eliminate manual reports? Lengthy reports? Reports that contain duplicate information? Dig no further. We help you extract the real-time data points you need with ease, even from disperate systems. We can give you real-time data tailered to your requirements, allowing you to simplify your critical decision making process and keep your business running smoothly, all the while saving you money and increasing productivity.

Customized Training

How does customized training keep your organization healthy? The Cornerstone Team has decades of industry specific experience and has learned that the leanest and most profitable enterprises are those that have well trained staff. These organizations invest in continuous training programs, effectively insulating them against turnover and maintaining smooth operations.

Dynamics CRM

CRM of yesteryear has evolved from a database of a names and addresses to a tool that integrates, tracks, and provides analysis of your customers and your potential customers alike. Integrating with your social media platforms, website, email system, and business software solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM aligns well with businesses in the Real Estate, Property Management, Homebuilding, and Asset Management sectors. These market’s sales cycles occur in months, rather than minutes, and relationships last years, not seconds. With such demanding needs, only a robust CRM will do.

Click Dimensions

As of December 2019, we no longer do business with Click Dimensions. This decision is based on numerous software issues with their product that we were unable to get resolved and unethical business practices. However, while we can no longer even recommend this software, we would be glad to make recommendations for other similar products that we believe would not only perform better for your company, but would be more cost effective.

SharePoint Implementation

Microsoft SharePoint provides business critical solutions such as document & content management, corporate wide search capabilities, automated workflows, collaborative workspace, intranet, departmental web pages and more. Cornerstone Solutions will help you put your back office reporting at your fingertips using SharePoint.

Data Migration

Whether you’ve acquired a new division or new software, one of the biggest challenges is moving existing data from one system to another. Critical information can change continually throughout the conversion process - and a moving target is never easy to nail down. Converting data manually or with limited tools can cause projects to be delayed or fail, costing up to millions of dollars.

Solution Implementation Process Review


When you have an illness or need surgery, you defer to the expert - your doctor. In order to implement your system correctly and efficiently, you need a specialized team as well. That’s where we come in. Our Solution Implementation allows your staff to continue what you hired them to do - run your business. Allow us to manage the details of implementing a new software, technology or process.

Strategic Information Systems

A lack of IT planning and processes causes a rupture in all areas of your business. Your team flies into defense mode, decreasing production, performance and morale while increasing stress levels. We can help create a Strategic Information Systems Plan to prevent future reactivity by strengthening the immunity of your company’s IT systems.

Systems Integration

Similar to how your body’s systems all work together to function properly, your computing systems and software applications should link together physically or functionally in order to work efficiently. We help create integrations across multiple software packages so information can flow quickly, smoothly and accurately.

System Optimization

You’ve invested time, money and resources into a new software that’s supposed to optimize your operations and reduce the cost of doing business, so how can you ensure you’re utilizing it to it’s fullest potential? At Cornerstone, we help you take full advantage of your systems by educating you on its potential and training you on how to apply it to your own company.

HR Information System Consulting

With an HRIS, companies can align HR strategy with business objectives to get the most out of their workforces and adapt quickly to market changes. But selecting an HRIS solution can be a daunting task requiring a budget, time commitment and buy-in from your executive staff. With Cornerstone Solutions, you have a team of experts on your side to work with you through the entire process from system selection to implementation and training.

SOX Compliance

Cornerstone's dedication to improving your business health in order to produce results goes even deeper to ensure your company is SOX compliant. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act set stricter standards for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms in which executive management must certify the accuracy of financial information.

Help Desk

Need assistance? We are here for you. Cornerstone Solutions has partnered with Freshdesk to provide a support portal for your solutions not only during an engagement, but whenever you need it. We support a variety of solutions including many of those listed on our website.

Network/Security Assessment

Your network is the backbone and foundation of your enterprise systems. Keeping it healthy and safe helps to prevent unnecessary downtime, unauthorized access to your data, and bad data from infecting your strategic reports. Cornerstone’s assessment aligns with all industry standards to assist you with all of your compliance needs.

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