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HMS Cornerstone Solutions Privacy Policy


HMS Cornerstone Solutions is also referred to in this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) as:


  • We

  • Us

  • Our


And includes the following “team members”:


  • Founding Partners Kathleen Mortensen and Stuart Siegel

  • Employees

  • Individual consultants we hire to fulfill customer contracts or requests

  • iContact, our contracted bulk email processor


Within this Policy “you” and “your” refers to any individual reading/reviewing the Policy.


Words shown in quotes above include both lowercase and capitalized versions. Additional definitions of italicized words below can be found in the Definitions of Terms section.


HMS Cornerstone Solutions is committed to protecting the personal data that is viewed and collected by us during the course of our normal business activity (as such, we do not provide content for or knowingly collect personal data from children under 18 years of age). We do not share personal or proprietary data with non-team members unless given permission to do so by the data owner. We only share relevant personal data with iContact for the purposes of processing our email communications and not for their own use.


Our business objectives include the following:


  • Keeping you informed of our service offerings, including new services we provide or changes we’ve made to existing services and Partner statuses

  • Providing free access to recorded webinars, HowTo videos, white papers, and industry news articles you might have missed

  • Providing customized support, training, and network/compliance assessments


Types of personal data we may collect


In the interest of meeting our business objectives as described above, we may collect the following personal data about you:


  • Full Name

  • Company Name and category (builder, real estate, etc.)

  • Company address

  • Phone numbers

  • Job Title

  • Email addresses and statuses

  • Email preferences

  • Feedback and request data you have provided to us

  • Website visit data (see cookie section below)


Note that we do not store any personal data related to non-business activities in our database.


We may collect these types of data from:


  • You, such as when you complete a form, submit a survey, register for a webinar and/or click on an email link from us

  • Your company, such as during the course of a business engagement, from your co-workers, or from your company website

  • Professional associations and/or user groups that we and you belong to

  • Conferences that we and you attend

  • Partners (as listed on our website) who have asked us to contact you


What we do with the personal data we collect:


Below are some examples of the primary ways we use personal data.


  • We use it to fulfill your request(s).

    • When you complete a ContactUs form, we may use your personal data to respond to your question or request.

    • When you complete a webinar registration form, we use your personal data to provide you with invitations for webinars you have registered for, send you webinar surveys, recording information, and free gifts.


  • We use it to contact you via email or phone.

    • We will collect a business mailing address (if it is different from your business physical address) and respond via regular mail only if you specifically request it.

    • We may collect physical addresses for purposes such as to be able to consider time zones when communicating with you; determine whether you work in the same office location as your co-workers in our database for assisting with onsite visit/meeting scheduling; to determine if your company is subject to certain laws and regulations based on your location; or to send your office a holiday gift.

    • We consider your job title, if we have it, when preparing data for your consumption, e.g., we may prepare an executive summary document for a CFO and a more detailed report for an Accounting Manager.

    • To fulfill additional obligations to you or your company as detailed in contracts between our companies.

    • We send out email communications regarding our webinars. Each quarter we may also send out email communications regarding our newsletter, and periodically we send out email communications about such topics as partnerships, holiday promotions, or best practices based on issues we’ve recently encountered during multiple customer engagements.


Note that all non-transactional email communications contain a link to update your email preferences, including an ‘unsubscribe from all email communications’ option. 


  • We aggregate collected data to provide better services to you.

    • We review reports pertaining to webinar registrants (including feedback and survey responses) to allow us to better tailor content for future webinars

    • We review Visits and Page Views data to provide better web content (see also cookie notice below)

  • We may be required to disclose personal data collected to authorities when required by law.


How long we retain personal data:


  • Until we discover that it is invalid. We delete obsolete data from our database on a regular basis

  • Or, until we are notified that personal data has changed or is obsolete, such as through email delivery failure notices or auto-responses

  • Or, until you request that your personal data be changed or deleted.


You may request that your personal data be changed or deleted by sending an email to, submitting a ContactUs form on our website, or calling us at +1 (530) 250-4141. There is no fee for this service.


Note that if you request that all information about you be completely erased from our system, we will no longer have a record that you wanted to “be forgotten” and thus at some point in the future you may be added back into our system by a team member who does not know your history.


Cookie Usage


Our website contains tracking scripts that will place one or more cookies into your browser to:


  1. Let us know if it is your first visit to our website

  2. Capture your visit data such as what pages you visited, number of pages visited, and referring information

  3. Capture your IP Address, carrier information, and device information


Data in items 1, 2, and 3 above do not contain any personal data. However, if your personal data is already in our database it may be linked to items 1, 2, and 3 above if you:


    a) click on a link in one of our forms or surveys and provide us with your personal data

    b) click on a link in an email sent to you by us


or have done so (a or b) in the past.


Note that if you forward an email sent to you by us, data collected about the subsequent recipient’s visit, device, and IP address may be linked to your personal data in our database, at least temporarily.


If you do not want your personal data in our database to be associated with data tracked by our cookies, you can block our cookies or turn off cookies in your browser settings. However, doing so may also prevent you from submitting forms or watching our website videos.


If you need our assistance with blocking/denying cookies or learning what data we have regarding you in our database please send an email to, submit a ContactUs form on our website, or call us at +1 (530) 250-4141. There is no fee for this service.


Note that our website contains links to other websites not covered by this Policy. We do not share your personal data with any other websites. By clicking on these links you are subject to the other websites’ published policies about the data they collect.



This Policy will be updated on a regular basis to comply with any relevant regulations and updates may not be communicated to you. If you would like to keep up to date with the way your personal data may be collected and used by us we recommend that you review this policy when you visit our website and/or at least once per quarter.

This Policy will be reviewed for possible update at the very least annually.


Definition of Terms, as used in this Policy

Data Owner – the individual who the data describes and/or can be uniquely identified by, or the designated company representative who has custodial authority over the data.


Personal Data – for the purposes of this document, personal data means only the data specified under the “Types of personal data we may collect” section. We do not pursue the collection of any other data that can uniquely identify you, with the exception of linking data as described in the Cookie section.

The broadest definition of Personal Data is provided by the recent publication of GDPR: any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier


Database – the application where we store Personal Data.

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